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Public Safety information provided by New York State Fire

Permission is granted to reproduce the following fire safety pamphlets for the intent of educational purposes only.

  • Candle Fire Safety (PDF file) (09/06)
    "Provides safety tips for the use of candles and includes statistical information."

  • Carbon Monoxide (PDF file)(09/06)
    "Where does carbon monoxide come from, what it does, and the do's and don'ts to make your home safer"

  • Holiday Tree Fire Safety(PDF file)(09/06)
    "Make the holiday season a happy time by practicing these safety habits."

  • College Arson Warning(PDF file)(11/08)
    "Important reminders to college students of the danger and concequences of firesetting."

  • Exit Drills in the home (PDF file) (09/06)
    "Exit Drills in the Home step-by-step. Learn planning your escape, the family meeting place and the drill"

  • Fire Safety and Aging(PDF file) (09/06)
    "Fire Safety for older adults."

  • Home Fire Safety for Elderly Care givers (PDF file) (09/06)
    "Information on fire safety for individuals who provide care for elderly person(s)"

  • Hi-Rise Fire Safety tips (PDF file) (09/06)
    "In the event of a fire, do you know what to do? Learn valuable safety tips to survive a high-rise fire."

  • Home Fire Extinguishers (PDF file) (09/06)
    " Using the correct extinguishers and knowing how to operate them in the event of an emergency."

  • Home Fire Safety Tips (PDF file) (09/06)
    "Tips for smoke detectors, escape plans, cooking safety, woodstoves and fireplaces, kerosene and space heaters and electrical safety."

  • Home Safety League (PDF file) (09/06)
    "A powerhouse team of three heroic characters strive to educate kids about the importance of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and home sprinkler systems."

  • Hotel/Motel Safety (PDF file) (09/06)
    "What you should do when you check in and steps for survival in case of a fire."

  • Incendio Del Hogar (PDF file) (09/06)
    "Fire Safety in Spanish."

  • Juvenile Fire setting intervention (PDF file) (09/06)
    "An essential message to parents and educators about the dangers and warning signs of firesetting behavior in youth."

    The New York State Fire Prevention Bureau is pleased to provide a series of new Fire Safety Flyers.