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Washington County

Town of Argyle�Corona Virus Guidelines for Seasonal Residents

65% of all the new coronavirus cases in the world come from the New York City metro area including everything from the boroughs to neighboring high population counties in New York and New Jersey. 31% of the worldwide mortality is also coming from that area. Many families from this epicenter area have summer homes in upstate New York and, with the school and business closures, many feel more comfortable leaving downstate. This influx to Argyle�s lake areas can be problematic on several fronts.

The first concern is the potential spread of the virus. To date, every case of quarantine in Washington County has been a result of exposure from persons traveling here from a hotspot area near the metro center. Please be aware that even those who are asymptomatic can be carrying the virus and must be careful not to spread it.

Another potential problem is the less robust supply of everything from household items to medical facilities. Geared to lower populations, both the amount and the delivery schedule for consumer items cannot quickly expand to address any greatly increased demand during the off-season.

For this reason, if you are coming to shelter in your lake front cottage, there are several recommendations:

�Plan on self-quarantining for a minimum of 14 days after you arrive. Follow all state and federal guidelines for appropriate isolation to avoid becoming a new disease vector into this area.

�Bring supplies with you.You will have problems finding provisions of any sort from paper products to cleaning supplies to some food items.

�Plan for daily life. The food shopping every day routine, prevalent in the metro areas, will not be possible and will be an unacceptable form of public contact during your quarantine period. If there is insuufficient refrigerator/freezer capacity in your summer home, bring canned and dried food to supply the 14 day period. For fresh food needs, consider using one of the call-ahead systems to avoid contact with other shoppers. Be ready for much lower variety and quantity.

�Do not forget to provision for your pets as well. We experienced some hoarding issues early on with pet food and stores may not have sufficient supplies, particularly if your pet has special dietary needs.

�Anticipate poor access to cell phone and internet. Large areas are poorly served in Washington County in general and Argyle in particular. Call someone in the area where you will be living to determine which supplier might be most adequate and set up accounts before you arrive.

�Make sure all family members are well-schooled on the address and location of your summer home in case an emergency call must be made.Location services do not work as well in rural areas and if a caller cannot provide clear directions, emergency services may be delayed.

�Take care of medical issues and renew prescription meds before leaving. Rural healthcare is a continuing challenge. There is no hospital in Washington County and only two urgent care facilities anywhere near the Argyle area. Getting care for other medical emergencies beyond the corona virus will be problematic.

�Stay informed on closures, available services, and other issues.A good source for the Argyle area is found on the Washington County Public Safety site.-- areas on the site will take you to Public Health and other departments as well.This site is updated daily so check it often.

We are all in this together and will get through it together. If everyone takes the same degree of care and precaution and thinks of the welfare of their neighbors as well as themselves, the end of this emergency situation will come much sooner. Feel free to call me at the Town Hall (518) 638-8681 if you think I can help with any questions or problems. I am checking it every day and will get to you as soon as possible.

Bob Henke�Argyle Town Supervisor

To post events contact Shelley McKernon, Town Clerk at 518-638-8681 ext. 10

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